Tire Mounting & Balance

Why should I rotate my tires?

Good, balanced tires keep your ride quiet, smooth and safe. As a tire wears out, the distribution of weight around the rim becomes uneven, and this creates a loud, wobbly ride. By removing each tire from your vehicle and switching it to a different position we can make sure they wear out evenly.

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We have advanced technology to balance each tire.

We use a Road Force tire balancing machine that can measure and analyze both the distribution of weight around the tire and the "runout" or roundness of your rim. Then we add tiny weights around the edge of your rim to make it spin smoothly. We recommend you balance and rotate your tires about every 6,000 miles.

Deep tread depth gives your tires traction.

The grooves in your rubber tires allow water to channel away, so your vehicle does not hydroplane in wet conditions. However, with regular use, the treads of a tire start to wear off, and these grooves begin to disappear. It is important to check your tread depth regularly. We recommend replacing your tires if the tread depth is 4/32" or lower.

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Installing snow tires during the winter gives you extra traction and better control on icy roads.

Minnesota roads can be brutal in the winter. That's why we recommend trading your regular tires for snow tires during the colder months. Designed specifically for snow, ice and slush, these tires are made of a specially formulated rubber that stays soft in cold temperatures. They feature a tread pattern that wicks snow and slush away, allowing the tires to grip the ice.

We will make sure your vehicle drives safely and smoothly.

Along with balancing, rotating and replacing your tires, our ASE certified mechanics repair flats and can measure and adjust your tire pressure.

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