Cooling System Service

Your cooling system keeps your vehicle at a healthy operating temperature.

It delivers coolant, commonly called antifreeze, throughout the engine to prevent excessive mechanical wear caused by running either too hot or too cold. We inspect your cooling system as a whole and repair any issues including your radiator, hoses, belts and coolant leaks.

cooling system in a car
cracked gasket overheating car

Too Hot

Because your automobile burns fuel, it produces a lot of heat. If your cooling system is not working properly, the heat can cause the engine block and head to expand so much that the head gasket cracks and leaks antifreeze into your engine. If the antifreeze leaks into one of your cylinders, the walls can degrade and warp. This is a costly problem to fix, but it is preventable with regular cooling system maintenance.

Too Cold

Minnesota winters can be brutally cold. This can cause the oil that should be lubricating your engine to thicken and become ineffective. An unlubricated engine will cause the cylinders and other parts to grind and wear out very quickly. An efficient cooling system, however, can rapidly deliver heat throughout the entire engine to thin the oil and allow the parts to move freely and smoothly.

Even with a great cooling system, you should still let your car warm up for a couple of minutes if the temperature is below freezing.

cold car engine temperature
good car engine temperature

Just Right

Your engine runs at its best at about 200 Degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is the sweet spot for completely vaporizing fuel and reducing emissions, thinning the oil enough so components move freely and use up less energy from the engine, and reducing wear and tear of your vehicle's metal parts.

We recommend getting coolant flushed every 100,000 miles

This is to prevent corrosion, and ultimately engine failure. Coolant has rust inhibitors in it that wear out over time. When this happens the coolant starts to corrode your water pump, radiator, and other critical components. At our shop, our mechanics will test your coolant for proper effectiveness and replace it if needed.

eden prairie coolant flush


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