Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Your vehicle has built in diagnostic system.

And your check engine light lets you know something's wrong. The federal government mandated that all cars built from 1996 –on be equipped with what's called OBDII. This is an on-board diagnostic system for your vehicle's engine and emissions systems. Most vehicles also have on-board computers for the transmission and drivetrain.

obdii check engine light
check engine light

Your check engine light can turn on for very serious reasons.

Something as simple as a loose gas cap can trigger your check engine light. But it could also be something a lot more serious that could leave you stranded on the side of the road, cause a serious accident, or cause expensive damage to your car.

Our mechanics have the experience to pinpoint and fix the problem

There are hundreds of error codes that could trigger your check engine light, and each code could be caused by several different issues. Our scan tool plugs into your vehicle’s computer to extract these codes and give us a clue to what the problem to could be, and then our ASE certified mechanics investigate further to diagnose the problem and repair your car, truck or SUV.

ASE Certified mechanic
stranded broken down suv

It is important to diagnose your check engine light ASAP.

If ignored, error codes could accumulate, and if another trouble develops, you'll never realize it because the light is already on for the first problem. If your check engine is flashing, that means there is a very serious problem. Turn off your vehicle IMMEDIATELY and call us.


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