Ignition Tune Up

What is a spark plug?

A spark plug is a small piece that uses jolts electricity to ignite fuel and run your vehicle. Your car, truck or SUV has one or two spark plugs per cylinder, and all of them need to be in working order to keep the engine running smoothly. When spark plugs start to go bad, the engine can start misfiring in instances, such as driving up a hill in a low gear or trying to start in a cold climate, where it is working extra hard.

used car at a dealership
used car at a dealership

How can I tell if my engine is misfiring?

When your engine misfires, it means that sometimes the fuel is not igniting. You should feel a skipping, spitting or vibrating sensation emanating from your entire vehicle. It may feel like your automobile has less power than usual. You may also see the check engine turn on or smell something unusual.

At our shop, we offer regular tune ups to keep your car performing efficiently.

In order to catch misfires before they happen, it is important to get regular tune ups for your vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer, it is recommended every 30,000, 60,000, or 100,000 miles. During a tune up, we replace all of your vehicle’s spark plugs, and if you have an older vehicle, we may replace ignition wires and coils along with your cap and rotor, too.

used car at a dealership


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