Air Conditioning & Heating Service

We will thoroughly inspect, test, and repair your AC and heating systems.

Uncomfortable temperatures seem to be magnified when you're behind the wheel. Maintaining functional and efficient air conditioning and heating systems in your vehicle can make the difference between a fun and relaxed road trip and a torturous journey. Our services are comprehensive, and we are experienced and trained in all types of automotive air conditioning systems.

air conditioning heat repair eden prairie
ac repair machine

We have state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment.

Our AC Recover Recycle Recharge machine helps us make sure your air conditioning is in top shape. Along with recharging your AC to make your drive cool and enjoyable, the machine helps our shop be environmentally friendly and EPA compliant. We do not let refrigerant vent into the air and cause damage to the atmosphere. Instead, we make sure it is properly contained and recycled.


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